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Trip: Pamplona "Café Iruña". Navarra - Spain.

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The "Pulitzer" prize winner "Hemingway" described in his novel - The sun also rises - the fiesta in Pamplona. The "Café Iruña" still exists with "El Rincón de Hemingway", where the writer was a regular visitor. 

Café Iruña was opened in 1888 and was the first restaurant with electric lighting in Pamplona. The café is located at the "Plaza del Castillo" a few meters away from the "Gran Hotel La Perla". A five-star hotel opened in 1881. People like Charles Chaplin, Hemingway, Orson Welles and the famous Spanish bullfighter "Manolete" have contributed to the fame of this hotel.

Pamplona a great city to spend a few days. Interesting buildings, great shopping area and a lively entertainment centre, wonderful city to wander around.




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